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Lay Out Your Mural

Our wall murals are printed in extra wide panels of 47” (120cm) to ensure there are as few joins as possible.

Lay out each panel in hanging order ready for installation. Each panel is numbered on the back, starting at 1 from the left hand side.


Ensure that your walls are clean, dry and smooth. To get the best possible finish, the wall must be in a good condition prior to installation.

For our Standard and Premium Finish papers, apply wallpaper paste directly on to the wall.

For our Pre-Pasted paper option, you simply need to wet the mural to activate the pasted backing using our handy water trough box, follow the supplied instructions for a super simple installation.

For our Self-Adhesive, you simply have to peel the backing off the back of the product.

Hang the first drop, letting the wallpaper fall naturally and smooth out with a soft brush to remove trapped air bubbles.


Each drop is printed with a small overlap. When hanging multiple panels, overlap over onto the first until optimum pattern match is achieved.

Using a sharp blade, double cut all the way down the center of the overlap, cutting through both panels. Remove the top strip of excess, then carefully pull back the second panel and remove the bottom thin strip underneath.

Smooth down the join using a seam roller to ensure the seams are well bonded to the wall.


Repeat each stage to the remaining drops until every panel is hung.

Trim any remaining excess at the top and bottom of the wall and gently wipe away any paste using a soft damp cloth.

Step back and enjoy your new mural. Easy as that!