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The Ordering Process

Wall Murals:
You can fill out our online order form by selecting the product you desire and specifying the sizes and position of the image. Each mural is custom sized and tailored to fit your wall. By entering the dimensions in the relevant boxes, you agree that this is the size we will print your mural at. We may increase the size of the mural before printing by 1%, this is to give excess for trimming around your walls.

When ordering, you are able to choose a paper type. We will print your mural on the specified wallpaper, if for whatever reason we cannot provide the chosen paper type, we will notify the customer, offer an alternative and refund the difference in cost if there is any.

Select the product that you desire and specify the number of rolls you need based on your wall size. We cannot take responsibility for any differences in color or print if multiple rolls are ordered at different times due to possible slight variations in paper type batches that are beyond our control.